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Make an order

Attention, please describe in detail or show us a nice reference with making an order or asking a price. And please know your standard measurments.

Questions we are answering only once:

  1. Why is so expensive? - because of hight quality and customer service
  2. Why is so long? - not so long, we make fursuits much more faster then almost all workshops in the world
  3. What material you use? - fake Italian or USA fur. And, of course, moon sugar!
  4. What are my guarantees that you will not deceive me with the order? - Look, we had more then 20 happy customers from all over the world. USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Dutch, Ukraine, Nederlands, Australia etc. We work with 50/50 scheme. It means you pay first half before we start and after we approove your order, and 50 after we finish suit and show you it with Skype or other service you choose. Only after you approove our work you pay other 50% + shipping price and we send your Fursuit. Its safe. We have reputation also at (

We CAN make:

  1. Fullsuit
  2. Partial Suit
  3. Tail + Paws
  4. Head + Tail + Paws
  5. Tail
  6. Very rare we make collab works (we dont like to do that :) )

We CAN'T make:

  1. A piece of shit

Contact details:

  1. Telegram: @ElliFox
  2. Furry Studio!
  3. Instagram: @furrystudio
  4. Furaffinity:
  5. Twitter:
  6. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Waiting time for answer is not longer then 1 week usually.




Furry photos from our gallery: