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Welcome and Hello!

Hello and Welcome to !
We would like to take a minute to show you our products and hope that you enjoy your visit to our website and feel free to contact us!

We are a relatively new Fursuit Studio that would like to take your dreams and ideas and make them into an actual Fursuit.

Also make sure to check out our Twitter, DA, FA, Weasly, and etc for latest updates! 


  1. Furry Studio!
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  3. Instagram: @furrystudio
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  5. Telegram: @ElliFox
  6. Skype: Neko_Kid
  7. YouTube channel: FurryStudio! on YouTube.

The studio of ‘living’ fursuits!

In our production we only use high-quality materials with professional tools and modern technology.  We put our hearts into our, and your, creations and ideas.  We strongly believe that it’s not the fur itself, but what’s hidden under the fur that must be made efficient and lasting.  The fursuits we make are shock-resistant and can withstand heavy usage, wear, and even strain during extreme activities.  Our goal is to give you a realistic time frame in which you can expect your suit to be finished and we achieve that with open communication to constantly provide you with information about the progress on your fursuit and to get your input on each step.

About us:

We initially started in the autumn of 2013 with the idea to build ourselves Fursuits to attend the 2014 RusFurrence with.  Back then we did not know that ahead of us was a path with many interesting discoveries and challenges that changed our very lives and enflamed the love for building fursuits. Quickly we enhanced our manufacturing skills and learned about new materials for producing all different kinds of fursuit parts.

We chose to produce semi realistic fursuits in which the point is to make the fursuit as close to reality as we possibly can, but with features of cartoony characters. Reflections in the eyes, size of the muzzle, and other various elements of the exterior.

Our own fursuits (yes, we are furries, just as you):




Furry photos from our gallery: