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Due to legal reasons we can only deal with 18+ people or we need to have direct contact with your parents if you are a minor, please understand that we ship things from Russia and laws between other countries and Russia are quite different and we prefer avoiding legal problems

You need to have a reference for me to know how your character is, we do not work with description reference only; that being said the reference must be clear, at least the front and the back of the character must be clearly visible and a higher resolution always helps

We won’t make a suit of a character that belongs to someone else, its copyrighted or with questionable ownership.


Due to the nature of international payments we only use PayPal and normally only use USD or EUR. 

Our payment plan is 50% before we start work and before order a fur. And 50% after we show you finished work on skype/photos/videos, Just before shipping. 

Payment plans

We can discuss a payment plan. But we wont send a suit before 100% payment. 

Work in Progress

We use only hight quality fake furs from USA and Italy, note that the furs will take around a month to arrive to us.

We start work only after full approoval of your reference and picking fur style. Any changes after the furring process starts keep in mind that we won’t be able to change structural things that you don’t like anymore, once a wip has been approved we won't go back and change it.

Our completion time for a full suit is around two to three months

Given Deadlines

We often do not work with given deadlines because it's impossible for us to know how long the shipping process is going to take, but if you are willing to take the risk we could talk something out


Shipping will be made through EMS Russia post office, often on the premium so your commission won’t get lost in the mail. Now if the commissioner wishes another way to mail (such as FedEx) we can do it but know that your shipping cost will be increased, also the commissioner will be held responsible of any fee or extra payment at the post office when it gets to their country if this is international, if your commission gets lost in the mail it’s out of my power to do anything, this are things that can happen and we won't be able to refund you, to avoid this we will give to the commissioner the way to track their package

Usually shipping time to any country of the world is 2-3 weeks. 

Attention! To avoid misunderstanding, shoot the unboxing video. Without unboxing video claims are not accepted!
Attention! We RECOMMEND to pay for cargo insurance!


  • Head only commission – not availible
  • Basic partial commission requires head and hand measurement
  • Full partial requires head, hands and arm measurements, desired tail length and shoe size
  • 3/4 suit requires DTD of legs or torso, Head, hands, arm, measurements and desired tail length
  • Fullsuit requires a DTD of your whole body, head measurements and shoe size and desired tail length

Refunds and guarantee

A commission will always have a 40% non refundable, when you send the payment it has to be within a day to get a full refund, after a day there will be a 40% not refundable, once the work has started and wips has been sent there will be a 60% non refundable, if the work is finished then it can't be refund you at all.

The guarantee starts once you get the fursuit, there is 10 days were you can tell me any mistakes we have done and send it back for free fixes, user only pays shipping, if the damages are done after this period up to one year and if damages causes to our mistakes or material we used – we will fix them for free, he owner will have to pay the fixes and the shipping. All fixes after that period will have price.

If other person fixes the fursuit this nulls your guarantee

Design auctions

This are the auctions that we put up sometimes on furbuy, this have two different options, ladder or specific.

Ladders are those that different types of commissions are made depending on the amount of money the bidding is reaching to (ie only a head, partial or fullsuit) .

Specific are those that have a set type of commision (ie fullsuit digitigrade) and the auction’s bids may go up but only one option is offered (most common fullsuits) unless it's talked over with the commissioned BEFORE the commission starts.

For both of this auction based commissions you must pay a set price to keep your slot on it, the base payment and how long is the tolerance time will be talked over with the commissioner, if the commissioner fails to pay the base payment they will lose the slot and the auction will be reposted and depending on the severity may be blacklisted.

You must agree with this TOS and we will assume that you have read them and you agree with them, this is the contract you hold with us as your fursuit maker. Do not be afraid of asking anything you have questions about reading this, we will be happy to clear all your doubt.

PDF copy of the document you can find here: