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We can work on fursonas of varying complexity ranging from brightly colored and toony characters to mythical or semi-realistic animals. Our preferred style is a semi-realistic fursuits where the character appears a little scary, yet at the same time cute and toony, but still realistic. But we make perfect toony fursuits too!

Just remember that all depends on what you would like and we will try to get what you imagine. Therefore it is necessary to be as precise as you can for us to understand what you would like.


Partial Suit:  $1200 – $1800 USD
Full Suit:  $2400 -  $3000 USD

These figures are estimates of course and the final price will greatly depend on the complexity of your character and the amount of hours that are involved in creating it.


Only PayPal

What affects to the Price?
-The kind of fursuit you want (Partial, Full, Digi-grade Legs, etc.)
-Areas required to be airbrushed
-Technical additions
-Morphing (Whats that? coming soon)

Prices vary for every fursuit as everything we do is handmade.

Please be aware that we will need to have at least 60-70% of your payment upfront before we can start to work on your suit.
Once we have your initial down payment it will take us, on average, one to three months to finish your suit. Please remember; the timeframe is an estimate and it can, on occasion, take us longer but we would rather finish our product with quality rather than rush a lower quality suit to you.

More about our materials:

Our suits can be built from various materials.  For the base, we use faux fur with a realistic appearance.  If your fursuit demands additional, uncommon, materials we will be able to work with that as well.
The mask frame is formed out of light shock-resistant plastics. A basic mask without technical additions or artistic elements (i.e. Horns) has a very light weight of about 600 to 700 grams.
If your fursuit has special items such as jewelry, outfit, etc. we will do our best to design it for use with your specific fursuit, but it is necessary that you consider the extra time and expense that will be put into your fursuit.

Reference sheet

If you lack a reference sheet, or you do not have a reference sheet with all the details you want, we can make one for you of your fursona/fursuit. Once we have an acceptable reference of your fursona, we will be able to provide you with a preliminary image of what your fursuit will look like before we start working on it.
Reference sheet Pricing
-Sketch/line art $30~$60 USD

Once details for the appearance of your fursuit, be it either description or reference sheet(s), are finally agreed upon and work starts on your fursuit it will be impossible to make any major changes. Slight and/or minor changes are still possible at certain points, but past that it is simply impossible to make changes from work that has already been completed.

Furry photos from our gallery: